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again, belated….and for this my apologies…. but a definate must add to these memory files i tend to garble….and for those of you still burning to travel, live, breathe and taste the world…. follow your ancestors…join the pilgrimage and do ANZAC Cove…

turkey in itself is a truly remarkable, beautiful and friendly country… but to stand on the shore that a life time ago, men, several years my junior in age, gave their all, their lives, for a passion that carried 100, 000´s to their deaths.

a passion that today seems unatangible…undreamable…ridiculous even….yet the same passion that turns us “australians” into exactly what we are….

so as you pull up in the sunshine to the beautiful and pristine waters you see the beauty that must have confronted those poor soldiers…the beauty that was shattered by both sides and bathed in the blood of death, murder, hatred and ignorance.

to stand in lone pine… a space so small to see its edges, smell its perimeter…rue the irony of hearing birds tweet in the gently swaying trees and then witness the rows of graves ahead and imagine the blood of the 1000`s of men dripping on the very grass where now you stand.

so harrowing.

so real. so moving…yet strangely there is peace here.

those men fought and died in a cause they believed in…and today…while it may not have happened how they expected….both sides have freedom.

both sides have respect and admiration for the other… so was it all in vain??

to wait over night…in the FREEZING in hard small uncomfortable seats. no sleep. no peace…surounded by the disgruntled buzz of countless cold and tired others…yet you realise just how good you have it.

you have clothes. clean warm clothes

you have food in your belly. a sleeping bag for warmth

you have your friends and family just the flick of a mobile phone away…

yet still the night is agony.

what must those men (those boys) have felt? have feared?

then dawn. a welcome sight and with it the enormity of the whole situation.

you sit numb thru the dawn service. barely able to take in the hugeness of the events that occured on this very spot before you…. and as you trudge wearliy with the countless others up the hill you pay homage to those that paid the ultimate price for the various countries involved.

such a beautiful peaceful spot.

such sadness…yet such peace.

a sad stirring movement within that no words can describe….but that brings you in touch with yourself. the greatness of the world in which you have been born and the conviction to learn from the errors of our ways.

lone pineanzac coveawaiting dawn service


med sea

just a quick one today… as i seriously have NOTHING to report!!!! the trip is going… well, smooth!!??

the turkish border crossing was a bit of a debarcle haveing to leave the beloved truck behind for an evil bus that has given us all the flu…

but turkey has proven itself to be a stunning country and the med sea constantly beckons (despite its freezing temperatures) and i find myself constantly in and out of the azure waters..

yep.. all is still bliss

just cant believe anzac day looms so near!!!!!

good ness only knows what happens next??

stay tuned for the next chapter i guess???