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Category Archives: on da road – nepal

hey crew…just a quick one from a VERY sleepy laurie….

it seems i successfully escaped the beautiful nepal without being destroyed by the antics of festive children (although sadly i miss the “holly” festival tomorrow where everyone typically just throws paint at each other) and now i find myself very tired and disoriented by the stifling heat in abu dhabi awaiting my egypt connection….

so what is it i will miss most of nepal?

the scenic mountians? sumptios food? amazing shopping? gorgeous animals?

no… the proposals!!!! i single handedly managed to rack up 8 new propsals this week!!!! and lests face it…even though i know they are simple after a green card…who doesnt like to be told how beautiful they are by random strangers on the street???


back to reality huh???

hugs to all.



having a bath

out of my tree

more mountains

hiding rudolph

himalayan sunrise

after surviving the harrowing experiences of a sleazeball guide in the freezing and breathtaking himalayas… your fearless explorer decided next stop should be a well earned jungle retreat…

and thus off to chitwan i went…

with an automatic rise in temperature i instantly felt at home and set myself determinedly to the arduous task of jungle walks, in search of the illusive nepalese tiger…

now in nepal the term “jungle” i feel may be a little slightly “overused” and instead i found myself….strolling casually along the banks of the river in a rather pleasant forest.

crouching with my guides as branshes snapped nearby..learning the signals of “run” and “climb” and generally feeling at peace with nature….

 day one got off to a rather successful start…while no tigers… i did happen to stumble upon a rhinoceros having a munch nearby… this was met with much (silent) myself, the guide and the 2 other tourists (hello germans!! 🙂 ) quickly climbed the tree for safety as the old leathery beast meandered on by… very cool.

 this was then topped by a visit to the elephant breeding centre, where i got the extreme joy of patting a 15 day old elephant!!!!!! soooooo damned cute!!!!

and the night topped off by a few quiet beers in the local village watching a traditional dance demonstration by some rather spunky stick weilding warrior men.

(note… i have taken myself off the local brew “raxsi” after a rather eventful evening in kathmandu that resulted in a broken foot – not mine thankfully – and a night at strip bar…story for another time…)

so as the sun rose the next morning…full of the joys of life, i greeted my friendly bathroom bugs (george and randall) said g’day to my bedroom lizard as he scurried out the window and set off into the morning sunshine… ready to find a tiger!

a pleasant trip down the river in a dug out canoe…avoiding the crocdiles on the way…and into thicker bush on the hunt…

deer, monkeys, more deer, more monkeys..some mystery rustling…. and then.. A BEAR!!!! very cool! in hot pursuit we ran through the burning elephant grass on a quest to gain photographic evidence of a sloth bear…but sadly, we were outsmarted… none the less…despite the lack of tigers… the bear more than made up for it!

so what better way to top off the morning??? than to head back to camp and help the local elephant breeders give their elephants a bath in the river!!!! AMAZING!!! as i climbed bareback onto the mighty beasts and got continually drenched by cheeky trunk loads of water or thrown from their backs much to the amusement of the locals i think i have finally discovered my true calling… laurie – jungle woman!

i did however, balk at the thought of having to mount the elpehant by grabbing it’s ears and being raised by it’s trunk…so maybe i am not so tough after all? but i did get to ride the said elephant safely back through the jungle that afternoon…

day 3 then started with an early morning bird watching walk (yes.. i have reached an age where i actually enjoy..infact…nominate bird watching as an activity!!! eeek!)

this was followed by some lazing around by the river…more elephant washing  and then in the evening… JUNGLE night.

dropped out at an isolated tower in the jungle…basic amenities, no power… to sit, to wait, to watch… a few night walks…where even the guides jump at EVERY broken twig and a lot of peaceful star gazing….

life here is bliss…

sadly again, the tiger elluded us (but seeing as my guide has only ever spotted them 13 times across the last 6 years i suppose i shouldnt view this – my first effort  – as a dismal failure… but rather a stepping stone till the next time) but i did get to see some more rhinos, deer, monkeys and a few mystery beasts that bolted so quick at the sight of us.

sadly however, a swarm of rogue mosquitoes did make a meal of my face…so as i endured the EVIL bus ride back to kathmandu and the reality that awaits i bear the scars of what was a truly blissfull weekend.

hey guys!!!!!

what a rollercoaster few weeks!!!!

have few adventures that need backdating…. but seeing as i am alive and well in downtown nepal i figured this could come first!!!!!!

on the down side…alas, trouble and civil unrest has reared again in this beautiful country…and my travel plans became a little skewed as a consequence… my dreams of driving over the himalayan foothills into this magical country, temporarily sidetracked by political strikes stopping ALL vehicle movement…

instead… a 9 hour minibus voyage to the border..punctuated by an explosion of our suspension and a consequential 2 hour detour while a very dodgy looking character “fixed it”…

on the road again.. a successful border crossing, including submitting to bribes by the indian consulate officials rather than get deported and into nepal….

where we could go NO further!!!! so a night trapped like a bird in a VERY seedy hotel and a secret mission to a teeeeny tiny airport and the remainder of the trip with YETI airlines into the much calmer and safer capital…. (actually the flight was a pretty cool way to see the glorious mountains as it turns out anyways!!!!) so now here i am in kathmandu, trying to suss out volunteer work…which in itself seems harder than climbing everest!!!! and sadly having no luck…thus far, i have nearly had my passport taken to the district officer to gain “approval” to get permission to look for volunteer work!!!! EEEK!

however, i did almost score a job at a local strip bar last night (well, there was nowhere else to go dancing!!!!)

the back up plan???

a possible 7 day trek thru annapurna followed by a jungle safari to look for wild tigers….

does sound pretty cool!

anyways…am alive and well….sorry it’s a bit of a boring entry…am sure i will get up to no good again shortly!!!!!