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Category Archives: on da road – jordan

those little the backgroundrock climbing wadi rum stylethe girls at the monasteryi\'m on top of the world.. looking down on creationwhales CAN float

hey crew…

another quickie…as i set… encrusted in dead sea salt, amazed by my new uncanny floatability and reflecting on the last few days in jordan.. a truly beautiful and remarkable country..

despite a dodgy border crossing (which took about 13 hours) jordan has proven itself to be friendly, spectacular..and home of GREAT food!!!!

wadi rum.. a vast sea of sand is a desrt that competes well with the spectacular egyptian deserts…and the rose red city of petra truly does desrve its rankings in the modern wonders of the world…. (if its not,, then it should be!!)

not many places on earth could keep me walkig for 9 solid hours, open mouthed just absorbing the endless glory that unfurled… and even then i only left cause the sun set…

but sadly time keeps pushing…

and my days here grow smaller….

syria awaits and with it i am sure more adventure…

sorry it’s so brief (just be impressed i found a net cafe hey??!)

hugs to all!