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photo evidence

a little backdated…but necessary i feel….
for after years of travel on my quest “to meet the people” it has finally happened…
i have at last officially found what must be the best looking man in the world…. (here i do apologise to all the significant and wonderful males in my life…who are of course VERY beautiful each in their own way) but this man by far shone…leaves the brad pitt’s and the johnny depp’s for dust!
and errily enough, my taste (which has for sometime been questioned) has been verified by 4 other independant women of varying ages and nationalites!!!! one even at a different time when i was not even there to effect her judgement!!!!!

so is he latino or italian like the books would all imply??? but no… indian…
i wouldnt have believed it myself..
but here i was in the holy city of varanassi taking in the spectacle of millions of people in coloured robes, festival and prayer ceremonies…so much to draw my attention away from said beauty…when i spied him…unmissable. breathtaking…and yes ladies, i did get a photo… *which i will endeavour to upload…eventually) flawless skin, lusty deep brown eyes, rich dark hair and a perfect masculine profile…
of course in keeping with the law of murphy such a find must of course be gay right?? alas worse… a priest…
so sadly my quest continues, but for a moment.,.let me pay my lusty homage to the most breathtaking spectacle in my travels so far…


living it up


the taj

loz was here

hey gang…

it seems i am getting better at this technology caper???? and some of you even saw my photos!!!!! i assure you… barassi the camel did eventually manage to get (and stay) upright…. had i had my backpack with me i would have had some more serious concerns!!!!

so today i find myself in agra…

a somewhat dodgy town at best…. my friends and i have been chased by 2 barking mad and rabid dogs… but worse still copped more leers and inapprproriate gestures in our 2 hour walk than in the previous 2 weeks….

it appears men are the same the world over!!!! but it didnt stop us from managing the ultimate india feat…

sunrise at the taj mahal…

alas (as you will see if i successfully get more photos up) it was rather misty this morning… not ideal… yet still…. what an amazing and beautiful thing to see…. definately deserving of the hype!!!!!  (would have to say it kicks the grand canyon’s butt!!!!) despite the 7.2 million tourists who inevitably meander in front of your camera…. it was serene. peaceful… magic….. and you can actually feel the love…. how could one man possibly love one woman that much??!! (mind you, he did have 2 other spare wives!!!! but their memorials pale in comparison!!)

so tonight i catch an overnight train to varanassi, hindu religious grounds…. should be an amazing specyacle in itself… mind you…to date i have witnessed about 3 funeral processions and one ceremonial cremation…what more can this strange and wonderful country throw at me????

alas, part of my tour group leave us tonight…and my 89 year old travelling companion departs with his continual magic tricks… the scotish contingent who brought life, laughter and lager to the party and my french canadian travel buddy… am sure more adventure awaits in nepal no less.

hugs to all.


techno girl!


p.s… there is a PIZZA HUT here??!!!! aaaarrrgghh!

where’s wallY?

tuk tuk central

loz tackles barassi

(think i stuffed it the first time)

fingers crossed…

but seeing as i am here…and i…havent short circuited jaipur…

but this will be an attempt at photo evidence of said travel extravaganza…

by the way….

i SEVERELY over ate tonight and am consequently suffering…

p.s…. in response to comments…as yet have not smuggled a cow, nor goat, nor donkey, nor camel (yes…they wouldnt fit inot my backpack!!!) although the wee little brown mouse may be in serious jeopardy if he shows up again!!!

hugs to all.


Barassi…. the prettiest camel of all…. with curly locks, big “bedroom” eyes, long fluttery lashes and a shiny brass bell around his neck and his knees (a noisy camel for a noisy girl) of course i had to choose barassi!!!!! (and not just because he is named after a great footy legend!) but after admiring his airs and graces and deftly raising myself onto his oh-so-comfy saddle…mastering the secret art of staying on while these somewhat ungainly creatures lurch you skywards it was then i discovered that barassi also had the uncanny trait of stubbornness…and thus…my plans to conquest the desert at a gung-ho professional camel rider pace were instead met by a peaceful…almost melodic rocking and slow stroll thru the blistering country side…. mind you…this did allow me opportunity to spy the antelope playing in nearby fields, wave at the children in the village as i sauntered by, duck as barassi tried to swipe my head off under a low hanging branch….

and in spite of all this… i can now firlmly say,…. I LOVE CAMEL RIDING!!!!!!!

and after a 2 hour stroll across the sand dunes….. desert camp…

perhaps the most romantic place i have seen in india to date (not ideal for being alone mind you! 😦  )

but imagine it….

the warmth of the sun, soft sand between your toes…

a gentle breeze caresses your skin and makes your hair dance softly around your face…a full moon rises over the distant  mountains (ok, sand dunes)

food sooooo luschious you wonder how you will ever eat western food again

lantern lights flickering out the front of perfectly kept white tents, each with a bed and a toilet!!!!!! even running water!!!!!!!!


bliss until at 3am…your tent buddy wakes up adamant she has just spied a man in your tent!!! eeeeek! heart pounding you rush to the door, only to be met with moonlight and star sparkles…an empty desert like an endless sea stretches before you….

was it a dream or was it real???? where could he have gone??? check for passports…safe…listen for noises….just the soft breeze and sounds of distant animals….

a quandry…. the peace and bliss vs the fear and terror….

who knows huh?

but none the less i survived….

kudos this week goes to my bus driver….

who, (without even raising a sweat) ….. yesterday dealt with hurtling at full throttle forward in our rickety old rust bucket facing down an oncoming semi-trailer (i will point out at this stage it was us on the very wrong side of the one lane road) whilst over taking a convoy of army trucks, dodging some wayward cattle who had mneandered into the street, negotiated the soft sandy edges of the road (we are in desert county) and avoiding the infestation of whacky rickshaw drivers weaving perilously amidst the traffic… all whilst pointing out the very lovely peacock on the left….

travel here is an adventure on a daily basis!!! i never get sick of seeing the camels strutting down the street or the elephants with their beutiful artworks drawn on….but best of all…the cows!!!! they’re beautiful!!! they’re everywhere!!! and i love em!!!….except the 2 that stampeded me the other day…not too fussed on those 2…but the rest of them are great!!!!!!

hugs to all.


hey crew…

a brief synopsis of the trip so far…

forgive the typos… as i sit here… blocking out the incessant car horns outside, a mouse is running around under my keyboard… i feel perhaps he has chewed some cables loose and therefore disabled certain letters….

india is full of such furry friends…. i am still in awe of the cows that roam freely on the roads… although their tendency to eat rubbish, mainly cardboard concerns me just a little…

tomorrow i am going on a 2 hour camel ride…

yesterday i had to scoot as a pair of elephants strolled down the street

and this morning a goat tried to bite my toes…although he was very cute…and hence forgiven!

my tour is under full swing now…. and i an feeling deciedly YOUNG!!!! in addition to the army of mid aged scottish couples who drink me under the table my hat is tipped to the 88 year old aussie bloke… yes… 88!!!!!!!!! mind you… if he does hs magic coin trick one more time…….

anyways…. time s short… this keyboard is infuriating!!!!!!! and there is food to be had! love and hugs to all!!!!!


hey crew…after a marathon 12 plus hour plane trip here i am….and this place is fully insane!!!!!

mumbai is a bustling city…. kind of like bangkok…only amplified!!!! it is seriously go go go!!!! and there is sights, sounds and colour from every nook cranny and crevice!!!!

cars zip past in what may or may not be marked lanes, beeping both to alert other drivers of your intention to pass, and to allow other drivers to pass…or maybe they just beep for fun?? everyone beeps! even the trucks advertise “horn ok” but all this is intermittent with motorcyles carrying families of up to 10 and infamously chaotic rickshaws.

of particular note is the slightly amusing existance of stray goats and cows on most roads… (these by far overshadowing the plethora of dogs and cats that come creeping out of alleyways)

my hotel is small and simple…and conveniently placed on a street with a slum… (ni-ice)

have been out and about today…just taking it all  in….but truly..this city is non-stop!!! and there is no such thing…nor place to simply sit and watch the world go by! as for photos…to be honest…for fear of offence and purely because there is nowhere to stop i havent had the chance! instead you’ll just have to wait till i find a computer that works and i’ll email you a verbal picture.

items of interest so far…

1) being leered at by EVERY male in town…in a somewhat creepy and offputting fashion… but hey… i’m strutting!

2) being the comic reliefe for every school group out in force on the cuty streets and subject to their little dares to touch me “accidentally” or ask me the time so they can giggle at my accent

3) seeing a funeral procession more bright than a kindy classroom

4) seeing a cow pulling a vehicle down the street with totally funky red horns.

yep…all is good…

take care world.