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hey guys…somewhat delayed…but another random laurie deep in thought moment…

(feel free to ignore this one)

penned while cruising the nile 3/4/08

fallucca on the nilemaxi spoon on falluccakumuka falucca

morning sunlight trickles like golden honey onto the river, lying waiting below.

soft breeyes gently sweep across my face, at the same time, causing the water to dance ever so slightly in the morning glory.

birds sing their blessings for the new day ahead and in the ripples of the river that flows onwards beneath me diamonds reflect the golden orb that shines above.

i sit in awe.

in silent contemplation.

that the world can be so big and so grand to create this spectacle yet so small and so humble that here  i am.

sitting by the banks of the nile. another world away, yet here all the same.

i am at peace. content and fulfilled.

dreams realised and admiration held for the beauty that lies undisturbed before me.

yet within, something flickers. life, love, passion.

a new quest?

amidst this peace, this serenity, lies the drive to press further. to push harder. to run faster. to ask new questions and explore new answers, new horizons and new possibilities.

despite the bumps on the road. despite the darkened recesses of my mind which fearfully i choose at times to worship (allowing them to grow and consume me)

i see light

i see hope.

the possibility of tomorrow warms me.

life is good….


camel crazinessnic and loz cruise the nilefashion guruscharlie\'s angelsdad and loz do sinailoo with a view


hey world…

after 2 VERY relaxing days sailing blissfully down the GORGEOUS Nile on a fully decked out fallucca (stopping only to mount a camel bareback resulting in some very questionable photos and zip through a crazy little town in a jazzed up duf duf tuk tuk) (oh,. and for “captain hash” our VERY RESPONSIBLE sail captain to stop for panadol after a slightly too big night…) my time in the south of beautiful egypt sadly drew to an end and i have had to leave the beautiful city of aswan behind me…. and with it the memories of a few too many temples including the breathtaking Abu Simbel…

and backon the road again…

we find ourselves pressing north (back thru luxor and another 3 marriage proposals – woohoo!) dodging the dust of “clean” old cairo and at last to the sanctity of mt.sinai.

where…in keeping with my evident quest to meet an untimely accident or injury on a mountain side i braved NEAR SUB ZERO temperatures to climb said mountain AT MIDNIGHT in pitch blackness….

soaked in sweat i then found a lovely little plateau (read “cliffledge”) on which to camp out for the night and experience the joys of desert rainfall… i mean, SERIOUSLY it hasnt rained in like 3 years and i copped both rain and HAIL!!!!!

so perched on my ledge…for once greatful for the extra few kilos a few months of dodgy backpacker food has provided – as this was all that ensured i was not blown off in the gale force winds i stared into the inky sky (which got rapidly more cloudy and less twinkly) and enjoyed the fury of all god’s might on the very mount where moses recieved the commandments…

the morning was then met by the most abismmal and unremarkable sunrise known to man kind…perhaps the lord has identified my slight growing skepticism and is making a point???

none theless…

today brigs with it somedown town by the stunning red sea…and tomorrow is always just the start of a new adventure…

will attempt to upload a few more pics..

love and hugs to all.




sleeping arrangements

the white desert

hey gang…

another poor excuse for a blog entry…all in the name of getting these danged photos up… but at 25 mins a photo… you’ll just have to cope with whatever i get to!

egypt continues to be FABULOUS>>>

and while i havent topped my 8 nepalese mariiage proposals.. i have discovered i am worth a fair bit in the camel trade industry… desperate times…. desperate measures i reckon….

so the highlights thus far (as well as the obvious- oh my god i am standing INSIDE a pyramid… and hey CHECK OUT THAT SPHINX)

for me by far it is all about the desert…

the sea of sand (sahara) is literally just that…and the shimmering of distant mirages are incredible…

the yellow desert (great western) positively took my breath away as i watched the full moon rise and slept out under the stars…

but the white desert with it’s enormous white boulders is simply extra terrestrial!!!! (no wonder I felt at home)

the great pyramids

hurghada….tourist mecca of the red sea served for the gret purpose of a day trip on a boat to go simming with the fishes…in the most topaz bue azure seas i have EVER seen! 15 metres depth and the bottom was still crystal clear…

frollicking with clown fish, lion fish parrot fish…and the somewhat scarier.. FISH WITH TEETH! 

of course…this incredible breathtaking adventure…was only mildly marred by the fact that i seont about 4 hours heaving my guts up in another good old fashioned laurie sea sickness moment….

but i’m sure it will be the orange fish…not the carrots that i will remember as days drift by….

besiders…the swim finally washed the dust out of my eyes after a night sepnt battoning down the hatches and braving a sandstor whilst sleeping on a rooftop in a wee dester oasis town.

yep. life is good.

take care all…fingers crossed i get more of these pics up huh??

dad loz sphinx

hey crew…

egypt is UNREAL!

many a tale to tell…including the perils of sleeping outside during a sand storm…

but just wanted to super quickly try to put up some pics.



(post script…. it is taking about 15 mins to upload each pic…. so you’ll just have to be patient!!) hugs