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A clearly shy & retiring bunch

we met in Pharoah’s bar

Greg & Stuart knew from moment 1

they were in too deep by far


A bunch of golden oldies

with a spattering of youth

who knew ( besides the victory shots)

we’d be such an awesome group?


we’ll start with those that left us

(but clearly left their mark)

when we took over their tour

in Cairo, after dark…


Sally kept her legs crossed

for 9 days in a row!

and while it meant no toilet

it turned her hair afro


Margie played it cool

so calm, cool & demure

that is until the last night

when she cut loose on fallucca!


Jean & Alan loved to dive

but quickly we discovered

Alan’s fingers worked like magic!

the trip’s  masseuse had been uncovered!


Bonnie came in pint size

her sidekick, Em, always in tow

and inbetween their bursts of laughter

they spoke Irish very s-l-o-w


Brad the ambitious businessman

discovered his true calling

and in addition to 7 wives

he “sheeshed” from night till morning


but sadly these friends left us

and our tour carried on

so let’s investigate the stayers

who stuck out 5 weeks long!


First there’s Anne & Rachel

smiles & comedy a plenty

but if you tell them 8 o’clock

they’ll show up at 8:20!


Karen is a Sydney-sider

quiet at the start

but the ladies quickly saw to that

& discovered that vodka warms her heart!


Tan’s & Emma waved the flag

of kiwi land with pride

and while Emma’s heart lies with her dave

Tan’s shares her love far and wide!


another wife of Bradley’s

was little Emma J

a “shy retiring” country girl

whose clothes often went astray


Nicole from south west sydney

“pantene” to those that know

who proudly takes her hair straighteners

wherever she does go


next there’s Merv & Laurie

the father-daughter pair

yet snoring Merv proved a good husband

for the Queenslanders to share


Then there’s those from Queensland

the 5 that take the biscuit

to write here of their antics

I hardly dare to risk it


Zola & Glenys can be heard

in the midst of all the action

While Cec might down a drink or 2

but sheesha is her distratction


Angie has a cheeky side

and is alweays ready for some laughter

while Joan displayed the “drunken monkey”

to be remembered ever after


days 1 through 8 we hit the dester

and camped beneath the stars

we battled against the sand storm

and emptied all the bars!


the first shot of victory

didnt take us very long

and for the remainder of the trip

the pose has carried on


we battled with the convoy

in Greg’s trusty Frosty truck

dont mind the cops who yelled at us

we loved the bumps that sucked!


the buttbreak seat became a fave

and quickly it was found

that there is lots of fun to have

when the truck munchies go round


Hughada was a lovely break

beneath the sun so bright

until a few of us turned green

and fed the fish all night


next stop (another convoy)

and a million temples more

some birthday drinks and dances

and  wine that made heads sore


back to Cairo in a flash

and time to change the crew

goodbye to some old frienmds

hello to some new


Brian & Tara, so in love

only joined us for a while

likewise kiwi, Rhiannon

but we’d have kept her for her smile!


Cathy & Mike also joined

although their trumpets did not come!

but despite this disappointment

they still proved awesome fun


Rob & Helen on the other hand

are still reeling in the shock

i dont think they were quite expecting

the goings-on of our truck!


not to forget Glen & Fiona

who quickly joined our crew

Fiona  even got the otional extra

hospital – to stop the spew


Mt. Sinai was a struggle

but we made it to the top

and despite the rain and hail

our progress didnt stop


in Dahab the wind continued

but despite this friendships grew

in fact, on top of sharing fish bowls

Nic REALLY got “to know” the crew


On we marched through Jordan

conquering Petra and the like

some temples more and ruins too

plus more comedy by Mike


here we met our final few

(little did they know their fates)

julie – kiwi, Jo from Aussie

Chris, our token from the States


the weeks flew by

and shortly to Syria we came

some amongst us survived Lebanon

& for Stuart’s hangover – Julie was to blame!


we did castles, ruins and temples

some even braved a bath

we’re butt naked and bewildered

we were roughed by Madam Lash


finally to Turkey

a speedbump we did hit

when we had to leave poor frosty

and load a bus with all our S#$T!


despite a few things missing

we made it across the line

and weaved our way around the coast

with it’s water so divine


some leaped off cliffs and parasailed

others lounged on boats

some nursed a nasty hangover

and we all got sore dry throats


at last to ANZAC Cove

our fearless gang arrived

and despite the freezing and lack of sleep

the lot of us survived!


so onwards to the future

(whatever it may bring)

with emails swapped and hugs all round

it’s time to end this thing~!






  1. Wow!

    After all of that adventure,
    and time upon the road,
    You still found time, to stop and think
    and compose a laughsome ode!

    I take this to mean you were at ANZAC Cove, on ANZAC day?

    If that is the case, I’m surprised you didn’t get your Mug on TV!

  2. Oh Laurie dear, your poem I fear
    It does not always rhyme
    But nonetheless from it I guess
    you had a real good time!

    Looking forward to your adventures in Europe!

  3. was looking for you on the tv- no joy however

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